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tile maintenance products

name: Cement-Away
description: Remover of cement films, mortar residues and other heavy soiling from acid-resistant surfaces.
size: 1 Litre
price: £11.82 Each

name: KF Grout Protector
description: Protects against greasy dirt spots in kitchens and bathrooms and also makes maintenance easier.
size: 0.5 Litre
price: £21.92 Each
name: KF Grout Cleaner
description: Restores grout joints of tile surfaces, walls and floors to their original colour. Removes grease, oil and dirt deposits from joints in kitchens and bathrooms.
size: 0.5 Litre
price: £10.42 Each
name: MN Stain-Stop
description: This impregnator protects absorbent, stain-sensitive natural and artificial stone surfaces against staining. Largely prevents penetration of oil, grease and water and makes further maintenance easier.
size: 1 Litre
price: £39.40 Each
name: MN Slate-Seal
description: This sealer forms a high gloss protective layer, intensifies the colour and texture and makes further maintenance easier on rough and polished slate and other natural stone surfaces.
size: 1 Litre
price: £21.12 Each

There are many different types of tile on the market, such as ceramic, porcelain, marble, slate, terracotta etc. Natural stone products like marble and slate must be sealed before traffic passes over them. Also general maintenance is often required on all types of tile and so these products are available for these purposes.

The above products are also available in other sizes. Please Enquire for further details. There are also a number of other sealers, protectors and cleaners available in the range. Please Enquire for further details.

PLEASE NOTE All prices are including Vat. Prices are subject to change at any time, please check prices before placing an order.