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PVC tile trimWith the majority of wall tiling jobs, there will be an external angle to contend with, such as around a window. There is a very simple and neat solution, which is to use a tile trim. This trim is simply fixed under the tiles on one side of the angle and covers the edge of the tile on the other side of the angle. It provides a smooth rounded profile, instead of the sharp edges of the tiles, is available in many colours including gold and chrome, and will complement the colour of the tiles or grout. Please Enquire for further details.

reducing stripAnother common problem that has to be overcome when floor tiling, is the join between the newly tiled floor and another door barssurface in the adjoining room. There is also the possibility that the two floors may not be the same height, meaning there will be a step up or down. For safety reasons, the sharp edges of the tiles need to be protected and there may also be a trip step to consider. The best solution to this is to fit a door bar during tiling, which will protect the exposed edge of the tile, and provide a safe sloping crossover between the two floors. There are a number of types of door bar available in Gold and Silver. Please Enquire for further details.

Please Note - This advice is for general guidance only and may contain inappropriate information under particular conditions of use. We cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage due to the inappropriate use or the possibility of variations of working conditions and of workmanship outside our control.