Bostik OPF White Adhesive

Product OverviewOPF

Bostik OPF is a cement based, polymer enhanced tile adhesive. It can be used for fixing coarse and fine ceramic products, split tiles, clinker and clinker strips, natural and artificial stone tiles and insulation and construction boards.

  • Exceptional flexibility
  • Very high bond strength
  • Accommodates rough/uneven and very large tiles
  • Suitable for underfloor heating
  • Suitable for timber
  • Suitable for swimming pools
  • Conforms to BS EN 12004 : 2001 C2TE

Mix Ratio

Approx. 5.8 litres water to 20kg powder

Application Temperature

5ºC to 25ºC

Open Time

20 minutes at 20ºC

Pot Life

5 hours at 20ºC

Set Time

24 hours at 20ºC


Approx 1.8 kg/m² per mm thick adhesive


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