Dunkley Tiles Shower Fix Adhesive

Product OverviewDunkley Tiles Shower Fix

Dunkley Tiles Shower Fix Wall Tile Adhesive is designed for fixing ceramic wall tiles to most internal surfaces. It should not be used for fixing onto floors. Dunkley Tiles Shower Fix Adhesive can be used for fixing of ceramic wall tiles to kitchens, toilets, domestic showers and bathrooms. It should not be used externally or in areas where tiling is continuously immersed in water, e.g. swimming pools.


Suitable substrates are dry plaster, plaster boards, bricks, sand and cement renders and existing glazed tiles.

Surface Preparation

All surfaces to be tiled must be clean, dry and free from salts, grease and other contaminants. Any emulsion or other paint must be removed, along with any wallpaper. New plaster should be left for at least 28 days and be thoroughly dry. Over-trowelled or shiny plastered surfaces should be wire brushed to key the surface, before applying primer. Refer to the manufacturer's instructions for method of use.


Stir the contents before use. Apply the adhesive to the substrate, at a depth of 3 mm, forming continuous horizontal ribs with a notched trowel (6 mm x 6 mm notches). Do not apply more than 1 m2 at a time. This will
allow a working time of approximately 20 minutes. Press the tiles firmly into the adhesive and twist them into position, ensuring a 2 mm space between all tiles. Wipe off any surplus adhesive immediately with a damp cloth. Finish each m2 in this way before starting on the next section.


Under normal conditions grouting can be carried out after 24 hours. On impervious backgrounds such as tile on tile applications, grouting should be deferred for as long as possible to allow the moisture from the adhesive to dry out through the joints.

Technical Data

Dunkley Tiles Shower Fix conforms to and exceeds the requirements of BS EN 12004 : D1T.


1 litre will cover up to 1 m2 depending on surface type and trowel size.

Working Time

Approx. 20 minutes at 20ºC, but allows up to 40 minutes for adjustment.

Minimum Working Temperature



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