Kerakoll Fugabella Flex Eco Grout 2-12

Flex GroutProfessional, single-component, water-repellent grout with WRT (Water Resistant Technology), smooth finish, high degree of hardness, waterdrop effect, rapid setting and hardening, suitable for high-resistance grouting on flooring and walls, from 2 to 12 mm, of homogeneous tiles, ceramic tiles and natural stone.

WATERPROOF AGAINST DRIVING RAIN - In the case of façades, terraces, kitchens and industrial flooring, changing rooms and swimming pools, grouting operations on both flooring and walls must ensure adequate protection against the erosive action of water. The innovative Water Resistant Technology acts by means of exclusive, waterproofing polymers on the surface tension of the grouts, ensuring a superior degree of water repellency with water-drop effect and total resistance to the direct action of rainfall and frequent and high-pressure washing.

SUPERIOR FLEXIBILITY - Facades, terraces and flooring in trading centres are subject to continuous flexural movement and thermal expansion. The FUGABELLA® FLEX technology develops superior performance in terms of flexibility, which is ensured by the use of flexibilizing co- and ter-polymers resistant to saponification of the alkali
environment, a primary condition for long-life joints.

FAST CLEANING AND SETTING - Restructuring works and secure, short periods of intervention for completion of work also at low temperatures require rapid, high-technology systems. FUGABELLA® FLEX allows for easy and fast
cleaning operations on covering materials and provides a high level of performance after only a few hours, ensured by the use of a mix of rapid, high-stability binders, setting-adjustment co-polymers and micro-elements which modify the rheological properties of the mixture.


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