Kerakoll H40 Eco Flex Grey Adhesive

Product OverviewH40 Eco Flex Grey Adhesive

  • Eco-friendly, mineral adhesive for high-performance, high shear deformation laying or overlaying all types of tiles.
  • Single-component with low CO2 emissions and very low volatile organic compound emissions, contains recycled raw materials.
  • H40 Eco Flex develops full substrate and tile coverage ensuring high resistance to shear stress as well as total safety when tiles of all formats and thicknesses are laid even in the most demanding of applications.
  • Ideal for laying Aqua Expert systems.
  • Suitable for porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles, large formats, low thickness slabs, and stable natural stone.
  • Suitable for walls and floors in both internal and external use.
  • Thickness up to 10mm.
  • Open and adjustability time 30mins.
  • Suitable for under floor heating systems.


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