Energy Paving Slabs for Shopping Centres – Is this the Future?

This month, it has been announced that the UK’s 3rd largest shopping centre, Westfield Stratford City shopping centre, will be installing energy paving slabs in two of the main entrances.

These brand new energy saving floor tiles will be laid early next year and are set to produce enough energy to power over half the outdoor lights surrounding the shopping centre. The rubber matting creates kinetic energy when people walk over it, so is perfect for the entrance of a shopping centre which will have many people walking on it. This kinetic energy is then stored and can be used elsewhere. Part of the energy created will be used to light the slab as people step on it, and the rest of it will be used to power the outdoor lights.

With the number of visitors to the Stratford centre set to reach 30 million next year, those involved in laying the tiles are excited to see just how much energy can be produced by walking over them.

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