How to choose the perfect tile for your Kitchen

The Kitchen is one of the hardest rooms to choose tiles for as it is important to ensure it is both functional and decorative. People invest a lot of money into a kitchen and in most homes; it not only is the main focal point but a great asset when it comes to selling.

There are some key things to consider when choosing a tile:

  • Durability – in a kitchen it is vital to consider the durability of a tile. Whether it is for the floor or wall, the tile needs to last as long as the kitchen does and remain looking in pristine condition. It also needs to withstand spillages, splashes and harsh cleaning products used around the kitchen.
  • Design – Choosing the right tile is all about working around a theme. It would ruin a contemporary kitchen if you finished it with a very traditional tile and vice versa. You also need to consider the finish of the tile. In a kitchen, there are a lot of germs around so choosing a tile with an uneven surface may make cleaning more difficult.
  • Colours – There are thousands of colours to choose from but it is important that your tiles compliment the kitchen you have. Kitchens can sometimes be very plain so tiles can either add some colour or be chosen to match with the existing colours for a more simplistic look.
  • Size – it may sound obvious but the size of kitchen tiles varies dramatically. With everything from sheets of much smaller tiles which can be joined to give a mosaic feel; to the extra-large natural stone tiles which give any room a luxurious feel.
  • Position – Within a kitchen, there may be a number of different tiles. The majority of kitchens have both floor tiles and wall tiles but some can incorporate accent tiles or individual tiles to add a little something extra. You need to consider where your tiles will be positioned and therefore what properties it needs to possess to fulfil your requirements.

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