Tips on Caring for Natural Stone Tiles

Natural stone tiles are some of the most beautiful and versatile tiles you can buy for your home. They are suitable for use in the kitchen, in bathrooms, on the floor, on walls and provide a stunning finish to your room.

Natural stone is also incredibly hard wearing which is why so many people choose this type of tile. However, there are some ways in which you can extend the life of your tiles and ensure they remain looking as perfect as they did when they were first fixed.

Ensure they are fixed properly

One of the main causes of cracks in tiles, especially floor tiles, is that the surface on which the tiles were fixed was not flat. As natural stone tiles can be a heavy stone to work with our advice would be to hire a professional. At our Poole Tile shop, we have a team of expert tilers who know exactly how to fix your tiles correctly, saving you any issues in the future.

Use a special stone cleaner

Special stone cleaners will help your tiles retain their colour and perfect sheen. This is a must if you want to keep your tiles looking new for as long as possible. Dunkley Tiles stock a number of products including Lithofin Easy Care, which is the perfect cleaner for natural stone and will ensure they look as good as new.

Use the correct cleaning equipment

You need to ensure your cleaning equipment won’t scratch or wear the surface of the tile away. It may seem obvious, but many people do not realise their mop or broom can damage the stone if they are too hard or contain metallic particles. The last thing you want is to have scratches over the surface of your brand new tiles.

If you would like to have natural stone tiles in your home, why not contact the team at Dunkley Tiles? Dunkley Tiles will provide you with a huge range of tile ideas to make your home look fantastic. Give us a call today on 01202 526206.