Will Smith Rumoured to have Leather Floors

It has been rumoured that Will Smith and his wife, Jada Pinkett have some of the most expensive tastes around when it comes to decorating their home – leather floors and all.

Leather is not a conventional material to be used as flooring, but apparently that hasn’t prevented the Hollywood stars from splashing out on laying leather flooring across an entire room. The couple are renowned to be fans of the natural look and have invested millions in their home to portray this.

Although a leather floor may look stunning, it is definitely not an affordable solution and probably not the most practical. Fortunately for this famous family, the time spent walking across this floor is undoubtedly minimal as they are regularly off across the globe working; therefore it doesn’t need to be particularly practical. They would also be a nightmare to keep clean and you would be forever worrying that spillages will ruin it.

For a more practical solution for your floor or kitchen tiles, why not consider natural stone? You can achieve a similar natural feel within your home at a fraction of the cost. These tiles are far more durable and easier to clean then leather tiles and are even suitable for use as bathroom tiles.

If you would like some advice on which tiles are suitable for your home, contact the Poole tile experts at Dunkley tiles.