Comfort Zone Underfloor Heating

Comfort ZoneUnderfloor heating is no longer an expensive luxury extra. Comfort Zone is the easy, affordable and economical way to add luxury to any room and offers a range of quality electric underfloor heating systems at an affordable price.

  • Safe - Fully earthed for use in bathrooms
  • Affordable & efficient
  • Low running costs
  • Convenient - Adds only 3mm to floor thickness
  • Easy to install
  • No maintenance

Comfort Zone Matting

Comfort Zone electric underfloor heating mats are simple to use. Self adhesive mesh makes it very easy to lay and the single end connection means you only have to run one cable to the thermostat. Available as either 150 Watts per square metre or 200 Watts per square metre matting.

Comfort Zone Cable Kit

Comfort Zone 150 Watt Cable Kit systems are the ideal solution where space is at a premium or the room shape is particularly awkward.

Comfort Zone Thermostats

The touchscreen thermostat includes 7 day, 6 event programming and has an attractive white backlit display. Includes a floor sensor.


Comfort Zone heating mats can be laid onto any substrate and we always reccomend that you lay them onto insulation board for maximum efficiency and vastly reduced running costs.

Matting from only £37.80 per square metre (Inc Vat) (excluding Thermostat)


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