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Create a stylish surrounding from our extensive range of wall tiles.

  • Amarcord - Featured Image


    Atmospheric, patterned floor tiles, arises from research aimed at defining two products that can live together in the same dwelling. A “cotto” and wood that become one single product interpreted graphically according to concrete’s aesthetics. Atmospheric not only allows you to combine two materials with different patterns and origins, but also to develop extremely consistent … Continue reading Atmospheric

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  • Brick - Featured Image


    The allure, feel and urban spirit of bricks springs back to life in this porcelain stoneware. The vintage reflections take possession of the walls, filling the home with a sophisticated new mood enhanced with retro details, reproducing the effect of hollow ceiling tiles and small brick surfaces. Leading-edge ceramic technology goes into crafting 20 surfaces … Continue reading Brick

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  • CitySense - Featured Image


    A city is not just a network of streets, but more a network of symbiotic yet subtle blends that not only fashion that city itself but also ourselves. The city is in essence our skin, and the CitySense Collection is the city’s skin. CitySense inculcates the eclectic and unique feel of the metropolis, creating new … Continue reading CitySense

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  • Cliffstone - Featured Image


    Cliffstone is the interpretation of a rocky stone that does not exist in nature but has been reinvented creatively. The peculiarity of the design is defined by the presence of different finishes and the wide selection of sizes.

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  • Concrete - Featured Image


    The Concrete range is available in a multitude of colours and sizes but without doubt looks at its best in the 120x120cm slab size. As its name suggests the tile is replicating a coloured concrete surface.

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  • Concrete Project - Featured Image

    Concrete Project

    Concrete Project is a full-thickness porcelain stoneware made for modern architecture and design covering solutions. The concrete is turned into a tile with a clear contemporary mood, designed to inspire and surround exterior surfaces, but also ventilated facades and high-traffic public spaces. Its minimalist style features in flooring that is highly modular in different sizes … Continue reading Concrete Project

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  • Loire - Featured Image


    Loire is stone-effect porcelain stoneware inspired by the precious materials used in the French architectural heritage.

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  • London Underground - Featured Image

    London Underground

    London Underground is a traditional bevelled tile available in black and white and is reminiscent of the tiles found in the London Underground. Available in one size 10x20cm.

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  • Marmi Bianchi - Featured Image

    Marmi Bianchi

    A classic never ages: just like the stone-effect porcelain stoneware Marmi Bianchi. Marbles come no more classic than Calacatta and Carrara.

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  • Marshalls Collection - Featured Image

    Marshalls Collection

    The Marshalls collection offers an extensive range of natural stone wall and floor tiles in a variety of natural materials including limestone, slate and travertine.

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  • Metropolis - Featured Image


    The essential character of cement is the inspiration behind Metropolis, a glazed porcelain large format tile collection created to offer modern architecture functionality as well as to satisfy aesthetic requirements, with surfaces displaying a large variety of patterns. Available in five sizes and four very contemporary colours, they have been designed to express a material … Continue reading Metropolis

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  • Micron 2.0 - Featured Image

    Micron 2.0

    Micron 2.0 is produced using innovative technology, with new fashionable colours and formats, amongst which are the 60x120cm and 120x120cm sizes. These are the highlight of this resistant and lasting full body porcelain stoneware, ideal for exteriors, living and commercial spaces, meeting the needs of private or public architecture.

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