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The Estimate

When we submit an Estimate there are a number of assumptions that we must make on our initial visit. This means that the actual quantity of materials and labour used may vary from what was initially stated on the Estimate. However we would like to assure you that you will only be charged for the materials and labour used, which in some instances may be less than originally estimated. The assumptions we must make are as follows; -

  • The size of the area seen when the estimate is provided may change, as very often the room may not even be built or could be rebuilt or merged with another. We will make it clear on the estimate the area of tiling that we have priced for and further areas will be charged accordingly.
  • The state of the prepared surfaces to be tiled on will determine the quantity of fixing materials required. In order for us to give you the finish you would expect, there are occasions when extra adhesive or leveling compounds are required to fill voids or to provide the necessary falls for drainage. It is possible that in severe situations this can increase the quantity of fixing materials by 30%. We will advise on this at the earliest stage possible, however on some occasions this will not be until the job is underway.
  • The design of the tiling. We will discuss the design with the customer at the initial visit and price the work accordingly. If the design is altered substantially, it may be necessary to adjust the price stated, and this will be advised before we commence work.
  • Please be aware that the quantity of tiles that we estimate will be approximately 10% more than the area that we are tiling. This is to allow for any wastage produced when cutting your tiles and also ensures that all of your tiles are from the same batch, to avoid any shading problems. Rest assured you will only be charged for the tiles used; however we would always recommend keeping a few tiles spare for any future repairs that may be necessary.
  • We do attempt to make our estimate as accurate as possible and we will always notify the customer of any large changes to the original estimate, and will then request a signed agreement to any extra materials or labour before the work is carried out.

If you would like us to provide you with a free no obligation estimate for your upcoming tiling project please contact us and we will arrange an appointment with you.